e  m  i  l  y    w  h  i  t  e

lover of: words, dance, music, travel, books, flowers, art & champagne

Born and raised in hospitable southern West Virginia, Emily is now a full time resident of beautiful Park City, Utah. After multiple international studies abroad, earning a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Education degree, she did what most people do with their academic prowess… something different.

Whether hosting a party or going to one, it was the merriment of organizing and creating events that sparked Emily’s passion. She threw parties for any occasion and as time went by, each event became more savoir- faire. Consequently, designing parties became an obsession and entertaining an expression of Emily’s whimsical style.

She believes a personal event should express the endearing qualities of the people they are celebrating. Therefore, it is Emily’s mission to create meaningful, social events with the fashion of understated elegance.